Laptop Screen Repair 101

Laptop screen repairs aren’t easy to do by yourself when you’re dealing with a 13 inch unit, but there are many do-it-yourself repair kits available for purchase at specialty computer stores. The expense of laptop screen repair ranges according to size, brand, quality, and several other variables. Here are several examples of laptop screen repair costs according to industry leading laptop brands. Dell Ebook Diagnos

tic Kit: This is a Dell laptop repair kit that allows the laptop owner to diagnose their screen and replace it with a new one without the help of an expert. It’s basically like having a service tech come out to your house and perform the entire laptop screen repair on your behalf. This service is provided on a one time-only basis.

HP LCD Video Diagnostic Kit: This HP laptop screen repair kit includes everything you need to connect, troubleshoot, reconnect, and replace all parts of your broken screen in one convenient location. No tools are needed, no special training, no specialized tools, no nothing… Just the right video cable, the right connections, and the ability to connect and troubleshoot broken screens. This tool can even reconnect liquid-filled monitors and touch screens. Just be sure to use the correct HP laptop computer connection, video cable, and the proper screws to get the job done right.

Toshiba LCD Video Diagnostic Kit: If you have an older Toshiba laptop, this may be the best solution for you. This Toshiba laptop screen repair kit offers more detailed information about laptop screens broken or damaged beyond the repair options detailed above. This detailed information includes detailed photos of damaged areas, a list of the most common causes (including water damage), and the most common Toshiba laptop computer repair options. This kit even includes an electronic repair manual for users convenience.

Dell LCD Screen Replacement: If you’re looking to save even more money on your replacement laptop repairs, look for a used or refurbished Dell computer. While it won’t be the latest model on the market, a used or refurbished Dell computer may still have the same features and functions as a brand new computer, at a significantly reduced cost. You can find top quality, fully functioning Dell computers that are still available with some amount of warranty coverage, at discount prices. You may even be able to find models that were never offered as part of a bundle when you purchased the laptop.

If you’re looking to remove a cracked lcd panel, you may need a new digitizer. Before you start any removal, ensure that the digitizer is disconnected from the circuit board with the help of a screwdriver. Remove the digitizer carefully, using a pair of tweezers to move it out of the way. Then, apply one of the adhesive remover products to the inside edge of the digitizer, making sure that it is placed directly on the LCD panel.

One final step in repairing your broken laptop screen is to remove the screws holding down the keyboard and mouse. You’ll also need to remove the power brick and disconnect the battery. Once all these parts are removed, you can remove the inverter, causing the inverter board to fall off. Take special care not to damage any of the wires or cables with the screwdrivers and make sure that they are not damaged while removing the inverter. Connect the wires back into the correct sockets, reinstall the battery and reconnect the power brick.